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Communication between colleagues in a controlled environment is usually clear and effective. But when something happens out in the field, efficient reporting is far more difficult and mistakes and misunderstandings can be very costly.Go-Cam is a an app to deliver instant and clear video reports from the field at the touch of a button. Users simply touch the Go-Cam icon on their mobile device. Everything happens automatically: A video is streamed live from the device and e-mail and text alerts are sent to nominated recipients - colleagues and office departments - showing sender details, a location map and giving a link to a video, which can be seen live or recorded. The video is uploaded to a secure remote server where it can be accessed by the sender and the alert recipients at any time, making Go-CamEFFICIENT - live video reports save time and money and reduce mistakes and misunderstandingsCOMPLIANT - providing indisputable time and location-based video evidence for reference at a later date.Go-Cam is not just for internal use for industries such as security, vehicle hire & leasing, petro-chemical, building, logistics and journalism. It is also for insurance companies to issue to its customers to report claims and for auto breakdown recovery customers in need of a call-out.Available on a monthly subscription with no lock-in, with discounts for volume purchases and an option to re-brand or integrate as your own app, try it now free for a month to see how it can benefit your business.Features:- One-touch activation & operation- Automated SMS text and e-mail alerts to nominated recipients- Live video stream- Secure video recording on remote server for later access- Clear Report Page showing video, sender, time and location details - WiFi & phone network connectivity options- All-clear button - Phone override button- In-app texting